Cosam 4000

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Cosam 4000, neodymium magnet in a white and black plastic shell, measuring 1,500 Gauss on its surface.

Cosam 4000 is a magnet for long-term application on the body. 20 mm x 3 mm. Magnetic field on the surface 1550 Gauss. Neodymium magnet.

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At a later stage a different magnet was studied, more appropriate for the delicate areas of the eyes, head, blood vessels and arteries, children and elderly people:
White side = negative  The negative side has a soothing effect.
Black side = positive The positive side has an energizing effect.
Fix the magnet with a plaster
You can use the Cosam over a whole day or night.
How to use Marah magnets
The treatment of a painful area of our body with biomagnets is rather easy. Anyone can do it any moment, anywhere. Marah magnet doesn’t blemish, doesn’t stain, doesn’t burn. You can apply it using a plaster and let it work for 10 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the kind of magnet you use and the area you are treating. The action of the permanent magnet is mild, and a very large part of the people react incredibly well to its application.
No side effects are known.
Famous Paracelsus used to say: “A magnet should never lack, either in a doctor’s bag or in a home-pharmacy!”
A Marah magnet is permanent, it will last you all your life and you will be sure to have an effective remedy always at hand.
Biomagnets are not suitable for pace-maker holders, pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.
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