Cosam 8000

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Strong magnet suitable to alleviate acute or chronical pain. 20 mm x 3 mm. Magnetic field strength on the surface 2500 Gauss. Neodymium magnet coated in an ABS plastic case.

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Green side = negative = has a sedative effect, soothing

Magnete in Neodimio, racchiuso in un guscio di plastica ABS.

Increase the content of negative ions and oxygen in the cells, tending to decrease the acidity (pH balance). In a general sense we can say that it offers all the therapeutic benefits available from the application of magnets for both men and for animals. As an inhibitor of pain, even chronic, manifesting interesting actions; It is also valid to fight infections and to promote a peaceful sleep, by increasing endogenous production of melatonin.

This pole balances the hyper or Yang conditions of most organs, has the characteristic of stimulating the growth of certain hormones, especially through the pituitary stimulation, and possesses a very important role as a prevention system. Also the conditions of hypo or Yin organs are benefited, although more slowly than with the application of the positive pole, it is preferable, in general, use the negative pole if the magnet has a power above approximately 600-850 Gauss

Side red = positive = has a tonic effect, activating
acidifying, and stimulating to inflammation, yang.

Diseases related to vitamin deficiencies, loss of energy and reduced functionality must be treated with the positive (+) in order to foster harmonization.

stimulating pole that can cause many problems if used improperly. It increases the positive ions and causes the decrease of oxygen present in the cells, tending to acidify. Handled properly, can assist and improve the work of the negative, particularly in the application to the soft tissues. The positive pole can act to improve conditions and hypo yin of most organs. Such acts in reducing the edema of the ankles and legs, it may be useful to treat minor trauma with hematoma and inflammation of the soft tissues adjacent to the joints.

It is contraindicated in an absolute sense if the traumas and inflammations are associate them to infections

Infections should always be treated with the negative because the positive one can accentuate the spread of microorganisms.


To be applied on the affected part with a plaster. Recommended applications than half an hour / hour several times a day

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