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Set with 2 biomagnets D-25 and 2 D-05 and one info brochure.

2 Biomagnets D-05 for magnetizing water

2 Biomagnets D-25, ideal for massages or to be placed on painful or inflamed areas

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D-05 magnet is in neodymium and has a light blue plastic covering. It is designed to magnetize water: it should be put in a bottle (preferably glass) filled with water and left to work for 4 – 6 hours. Drink 1/1,5 litre per day.

The daily intake of 2 to 3 liters of magnetized water in addition to a personalized treatment provide excellent results on cellulite and obesity in a matter of a few months. During the treatment of obesity on individuals with chronic coronary you will notice an improved blood circulation. Magnetized water associated with magnets is an effective remedy against all psychosomatic disorders, the so-called “diseases of affluence” (anxiety, stress, insomnia and depressions) which account for 80% of illnesses.

In osteoarthritis, arthritis, lumbago and rheumatic pains, the association of  a therapy with magnetized water to an external treatment with magnets can relieve pains.

In insomnia, an herbal tea prepared with magnetized water or a simple glass of magnetized milk can be more effective than a powerful sleeping pill. Infusions of magnetized water should be prepared using exclusively glazed containers.

Magnetized mixed water, that is water magnetized with both the negative and the positive, suitable for our well-being, prevents temporary pains, abdominal disorders, headache and especially helps with:

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D-25 magnet is in ferrite, and is wrapped in a white and black shell. 1,600 Gauss measured on its surface, it is used for a milder treatment on larger areas. Also in this case you are advised to use the biomagnet several times per day.

Magnet therapy consists in the treatment of a debilitated area or organ through the use of a magnet. 
Magnet is placed on the skin with the appropriate pole and fixed with a plaster. In order not to cause itchiness to the skin while placing and removing the plaster, you can also fasten the magnet on a clothing, so that when you wear it, it can directly treat the painful area.
In case your problem is an inflammation or a severe pain, you will use the negative pole (the minus sign -) of the magnet.
If you wish to stimulate or activate a debilitated organ you will use the positive pole (the plus sign +) of the magnet.
The pains can be of different pathological origins:
Traumatic – such as fractures, tendinitis, twists, etc.
Rheumatic – such as joint, cervical, shoulders, knees, hips and lumbar pains
Climatic – such as humidity, chill or wind or air conditioning shock
Chronic – such as arthrosis, where pain is reduced but can be back
Keep the magnet in place until the pain ceases. In many case the effect is noticeable immediately. If the pain shifts – as is often the case with rheumatic pains – you can use a second magnet or move the first along the painful area.

This is the easiest and most common use of Marah magnets.

Biomagnets are not suitable for pace-maker holders, pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.

Once the magnet used must be stored with care away from magnetic cards.

Do not apply the positive side of an inflamed area or sore!

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