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The Water Set comes with 2 biomagnets D-05, as well as 2 coasters, 1x blue (bi-polar) and 1x red and green (axial).

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 2 Biomagnets D-051.jpg Simply stick a D-05 magnet  in the bottle or place the bottle or jug above the blue coaster (mixed) and let it work for about 4 hours. Do not keep the bottles of magnetized water in the refrigerator, cold drinks weaken your energy.

Drink 1.5 liters of mixed water per day.

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Daily intake of 2 to 3 liters of magnetized water dissolves kidney stones and gallstones in 8-10 week.

In urinary retention: you should drink 50 to 100 grams of magnetized water every half hour.

_mg_2603.jpg _mg_2638.jpg Let the Marah coaster work for 4 hours.

You should drink 4 glasses of negative water during the day. Water acts from the inside with a prophylactic, soothing and anti-inflammatory action.

Abscesses Fever Skin diseases
Angina Liver Headaches
Arthritis Gums Insects` bites
Asthma Sore throat Palpitations
Cataract Flu Psoriasis
Conjunctivitis Haemorrhoids Sciatica
Cystitis Herpes labialis Stress and fear
Digestion Hypertension Tonsils
Toothache Infection Worms
Menstrual pain Inflammation Dry eyes
Eczema Insomnia St. Anthony’s Fire
Twists Laryngitis

To use even externally as follows:

– Gargle for sore throat or sore gums
– Compresses on the eyes
– Washes for skin problems

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