Vitalion 2000 (Ionizer)

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This Marah device creates pure, negative air ions and can be set up in any room to create an optimal bio climate.

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This Marah device creates pure, negative air ions and can be set up in any room to create an optimal bio climate.

“The ABC of Air Ions Atmospheric electricity:

As early as in 1775, Peter Beccaria wrote in the Turin University annals: “Apparently nature makes exclusive use of the atmospheric electricity to let plants grow. Artificial electric discharge without sparks has the same effect.” Bactericidal Air Ions: Prof. Chiyewsky discovered in Moscow that the most effective way to attack bacteria causing colds is the aerosol form. Artificial negative air ionization leads to a rapid decrease of bacteria in humid air.

Claustrophobia: A lack of air ions can cause anxiety states and psychoneurotic syndromes. For this reason, even the Nato introduced artificial room ionization to fall-out shelters.

Blow-dryer: Blow-dryers and other hot winds charge the air with an abundance of positive air ions. Consequences of this lack of negative ions are increased suicide attempts, heart attacks, accidents, respiratory problems, depressions, etc. (Prof. Dr. Dr. Sulman)

Influenza: Flu and angina increase along with a decreasing number of negative ions. Some tests were carried out in one of the largest Swiss banks to evaluate the remarkably improved resistance to disease after use of the Vitalion generator. The successful, long-term reduction of cases of illness by 92 % speaks for itself.

Hay fever: The successful treatment of hay fever and asthma with air ions relies on the an effect of the ciliary membrane, an electrostatic filter in our respiratory tract, which is charged through the inhalation of air ions.

Air pollution: Air ion measurements in several major cities detected air ion levels that, in the best case, only accounted for 5 % of the necessary normal content. The source can be found in the increasing air pollution caused by exhaust fumes and heaters. The catastrophic health statistics in those cities are an alerting warning signal.

Accidents: An analysis of 43,000 traffic accidents found that the number of accidents increased by 15-20 % under certain weather conditions. Apparently this can be traced back to the influence the weather has on the drivers. The car generator was developed to neutralize the positive ion abundance. The negative ion content decreases during longer drives because of the exhaust fumes and a blocked ion flow (Faraday cage). Stock farming Prof. Chiyewsky discovered that negatively ionized rooms in artificial chicken breeding lead to an increased appetite, faster growth and bigger eggs. The resistance to disease increases. Similar discoveries were made in cattle and pig breeding.

Treatment of wounds: Ptof. Chiyewsky and others pointed out that the healing process of wounds increases through artificially produced negative air ions. American scientists observed a faster healing of burns. In Russian hospitals and in the big hospital of Kiev, all patient rooms were iono-climatized because of the overwhelmingly positive experiences in terms of operational wound healing and recovery from infectious diseases.

Cell growth: Extensive research in Germany and America has proved that negative potentials can speed up cell and bone growth. Negative ions have an optimal influence on the cell membrane potential, which is important for a healthy cell growth. “

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