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The Tini Brush toothbrush has a magnetic brush head with five gold-plated permanent magnets (magnetic field strength 1200 Gauss).

The Tini Brush is a very effective new toothbrush that can have a positive effect on your health and is a useful tool for prevention. Functional problems can improve. In case of an organic suffering, the TINIBRUSH® can help you to improve your quality of life. The magnetic field therapy has two benefits for the body: – sufficient energy – supports the healing process and self-regulation (together with the immune system) The north pole alleviate pain (it increases the threshold of pain) and has a calming and neutralizing effect. The south pole improves blood circulation and has a warming effect. It supports the wound healing and fastens up the regeneration process (recovery of damaged cells). Its effect on the blood circulation is of particular importance, as our body has over 40 billion tiny blood vessels.he permanent magnets expand the vessels and lower the vascular resistance. This allows the blood to flow faster through the vessels leading to: improved oxygen supply (O2 utilization) >> improved transport of nutrients >> more energy >> stronger immune defense. The detoxication improves.

tini_appesoWith the adhesive metal plates, the toothbrush can be fixed pretty much anywhere, for example at the corner of your bathroom mirror or on a tile on the wall.

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