Reflexology of the mouth cavity

There are reflex points even in the mouth. On the inner mucous membrane of the mouth there are, indeed, different organic points to treat. These points, defined according to the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are related to the major internal organs of the human body.
Teeth and the above mentioned points then interact with the whole body.

With the help of TINI BRUSH toothbrush we can treat all these points with the magnetic field.
Magnets fastened on the head of the toothbrush act effectively on the mouth points marked with yellow circles and with white rectangles (see photo above).
Teeth and the above mentioned points emit and are able to pick up pulses, generating stimuli that influence the 5 functional cycles defined by MTC. These alterations may represent symptoms of many chronic diseases. A light irritation in correspondence of the points listed above may indicate an abnormality of the corresponding organs.

The TINI BRUSH  toothbrush     is not therefore intended only for oral hygiene,

as is the case for a common commercial toothbrush. In addition to fighting bacterial plaque, preventing the onset of decay and promoting mucosa blood flow, it allows – and this is a real new – diagnosis, prevention and treatment of multiple organic disorders.

Main applications:

Locally in the oral cavity: caries, inflammations of the mouth mucosa, gingivitis, injury (trauma), abscesses, infections (alveolar abscess and pyorrhea), disorders of the maxillary articulation, upper and lower jaw line shift, teeth grinding (bruxism).

Secondary applications:

TCM internal diseases and functional organic cycles of TCM through “mouth” microsystem

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