What is facial reflexology?

Facial reflexology is a practical, fast, easy method to soothe pain. And it is always at hand!
It originates from the Vietnamese “Dien Cham”, created in the 80s by Professor Bui Quoc Chau, acupuncturist in a detoxification centre of H.C.M. Villa. Originally practiced with needles, it was very complex because the original diagram included more than 500 points!
Facial reflexology acts mainly through the nervous system, balancing all the systems to which it is connected (organs, muscles, endocrine, etc.).
Face being very close to the brain, richly vascularized, with nerve endings and numerous routes of energy, it centralizes all the reflex zones of the body and it is the mirror of all pains.
It is, therefore, a first-rate stimulating area, easily accessible and available to everyone. The principle of reflexology is to stimulate, with the tip of a pen or simply with your fingers or with the help of magnets, the reflex zones of the face to stir and let circulate energy.

In the body, everything matches and communicates!
Facial reflexology treats disorders of the nervous system that are at the root of depression, stress, headaches, sciatica, lumbosacral pain, sleep disorders, hypertension, hypotension, digestive disorders, muscular problems..
It is both preventive and curative, because a regular stimulation of the reflex points of the face:
– Strengthens the immune system
– Increases your energy promoting the self-healing of the body
– Relaxes the face and reduces wrinkles.
Facial reflexology combines health and beauty and is an ideal method for self and family treatment, but also a useful technique for medical or paramedical professions.
It allows you to become aware of your health and to intervene at the first signs of illness, but cannot replace traditional treatments in case of severe trauma or if the pain persists after stimulation of the areas. But, as an adjunct to conventional medical treatments, it can trigger their action, shortening recovery time. It can also prevent or relieve many small annoyances that are poisoning the existence, when traditional medicine cannot do much, unless using  powerful drugs.

Those who practice facial reflexology does not diagnose or prescribe medications, but simply stimulates areas of the face with the help of their fingers or a tool with a rounded tip or with magnets, allowing the organs to regain their vitality and their proper functioning.