The therapeutic power of magnets

The therapeutic power of magnets is used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes.

Using magnetic therapy previously, we can ensure that our body is more durable and prevent so many diseases.
Modern medicine and magnet therapy complement one another perfectly – the one does not exclude the other!
The blood circulation can be improved, the cells are better catered for oxygen and, as the body has enough nutriments such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., the cells are better fed in nutrients. Toxins are eliminated more quickly, are so numerous accelerated regeneration processes.
proven efficiency

The action of ENERGETIX magnetic jewelry has been tested in Germany with a microscopic examination in black from Biologisches Testinstitut Gräfelfing.


Millions of people take advantage of the positive effects of magnetic therapy for their health and their well-being, in particular:
– Find an energy return
– Decrease stress

Magnetic therapy can be effective in case of:

– migraine

– arthritis
– epicondylitis

– headache

– backache

– articolar pains

– tiredness

– Lack of energy

– Circulatory problems

Poor blood circulation