The magnetotherapy yesterday and today

As early as 2000 BC, magnet therapy was used in China for therapeutic purposes. According to legend, Queen Cleopatra herself would bring a pendant magnet to preserve her youth and her beauty.
The famous Swiss doctor Paracelse, William Gilbert of Queen Elizabeth I of England medical staff and, in the eighteenth century, Franz J. Mesmer successfully cured the pain, gout, cramps and nervous affections with magnetic therapy.
Mozart was so impressed by the success of Mesmer that evokes the benefits of magnets in his opera “Cosi fan tutte“. (Despina will sing This is the magnet, this Mesmer stone, which comes from Germany and became famous in France.)

With the appearance of modern medicine (aspirin, antibiotics), this natural method of therapy was about to disappear. Fortunately it was “rediscovered” in the 50’s first in Russia, then in Japan. Space research also shows what happens when a man is no longer sustained attraction of the Earth’s magnetic field during a long life: after the return of Russian cosmonauts, scientists noted suffering of osteoporosis and severe exhaustion. The introduction of artificial magnetic fields in spacecraft allowed to significantly reduce these phenomena. Since then, five million Americans, including Bill Clinton and Sir Anthony Hopkins, trust the effects of magnetic therapy.

Who would say that in these jewelry hide your well-being?