The copper

Some ENERGETIX magnetic bracelets are made of solid copper.
They are especially recommended for people who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.
Recent researches have shown that the trace elements, copper and zinc in particular, make more effective the treatment of arthritis and its reduction. The association of the magnet and the copper in a bracelet produces the following effects: by means of the sweat, copper particles are absorbed through the skin to the blood circulation. Magnet by stimulating blood circulation, copper from the properties antinfiammatoriesi regularly distributes throughout the body.
For some people, the bracelet can color your wrist: it is simply the result of a natural reaction between the acidity of the skin and the copper. It is very positive, this shows that the body reacts to sweat copper contact, located inside of the bracelet. The green trace is clean and depart with hot water and soap.