Magnetic field deficiency syndrome


Many researchers state that an insufficient biological magnetic field can be the source of a general weakening of the patients, increased recovery times and a general tendency to contract illnesses.

Destruction of magnetic field, due to ongoing air pollution, is considered to be one of the main causes of many diseases.

Some of the more common symptoms of this biological magnetic field deficiency (term coined by Japanese researchers that have used magnetic therapy for many years) are: stiff shoulders, neck and cervical vertebrae, night cramps, liver failure, menstrual pain, headache, cold hands and feet, impotence, acute hemorrhoids, hypotension, ulcer, hands and feet tingling, discopathy, acute varicose veins, habitual constipation, neuralgias, nervous breakdown and different circulatory diseases.

Typically, in this magnetic field deficiency it is not possible to find a specific cause of the ailments, that keep on showing despite all the cures, not improving even if they come along with other illnesses: hypertension, arthrosis, diabetes, etc.: they persist even after these diseases have been overcome.

Magnet therapy is useful when a tissue renewal is to be stimulated after damaging circumstances of different nature: recovery from broken bones, cure of skin ulcers in diabetic patients, functional anatomical recovery of damaged nerves, reduction of skin scars. Good results have also been obtained in the treatment of contusions, articular sprains and in every light muscle-articular traumas.

It also strengthens the body’s defenses thanks to the electrical depolarization of the cells. It produces an anti-stress action, renews compromised cells by strengthening enzymatic kinetics and repolarizing cell membranes. Affecting free radicals, trace elements and ferromagnetic substances in the intracellular environment (B complex vitamins), it is of fundamental importance for the homeostatic balance of the cell, as the eventual exposure to an altered field can imply notable consequences for the cell itself. Magnet therapy thus promotes an improving of all the mending events with a clear anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, bioregenerating and pain-relief action with no side effects (internet source).