Prevention and integration

Realize the degenerative processes in the body and locomotor systems in full support, without limits, according to the following areas:

• self-organism recovery Stimulation for the recomposition of bone fractures and other bone origin inconvenience;
• Improve staff comforting sensations;
• Restore the body’s functions during times of bad digestion and assimilation to its problems;
• anti aging support during the processes of bioinformatics activities of the body;
• To intensify the effect of anti-oxidants and vitamins;
• harmonious Physical Facilities in the age of the child’s development – the devices can be applied while the kids are asleep;
• Help as a painkiller in general;
• Aid in the conditions of chronic pain such as headaches, joint pain;
• Support to post-trauma regeneration or operations;
• Optimization of respiratory function;
• Cleaning the breathing passages in case of block;
• Decreased eye fatigue and facilitating the relaxation of the muscles under stress;
• Decreased muscle soreness after a workout;
• Increased daily sports activities (more training with less effort).

He joins moderrna biophysics and ancient methods of medicine:

The appicazione is dedicated in particular to: acupuncture, treatment of the 5 elements, meridians and chakras, (but not limited) to the following points:
• estimates disorders in the activities of the organs and tissues controlled by the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water;
• Harmonization of emotional behaviors of the 5 elements;
• Redirect Meridiani;
• Increase the efficiency of the activities of the chakras;
• Direct the non balance of Yin and Yang;
• It helps to “no” practical people to perform meditation;
In meditation helps with internal and profound journeys;

and also…….

It helps control mood swings and prevent aggression in the following cases:
• Solve physical and psychological problems related to the repressive emotions;
• Removal of electromagnetic engrams of repressed emotions;
• Aids in acute frustration;
• Helps maintaining light and good humor, balancing the emotional / mental states during periods of difficulty;
• AIDS for the treatment of depression;

It helps to address situations with more vigor and energy in the following cases:
• It helps to coordinate movements, for example, after severe wounds / injuries
• Assists for people frequent headaches;
• It helps to make important decisions;
• It helps in difficult situations (when no one knows to say “No”);
• Increase the motivation;
It helps to remove emotional blocks;
• Used when preparing for an exam or by a stressful business situations;
• Increased learning and efficiency;
• Aid to concetrazione;
• Increased memory;