Possible therapies with magnets

The best known and easiest method of using Marah magnets is to apply the magnet directly to the pain site, as described under Applications.

Marah magnets are also used by many therapists who apply traditional Chinese medicine.

Pain is the consequence of a bad circulation of energy, a blockage of chi, vital energy, a lack of oxygen.
The treatments listed here help to eliminate the energy block and to facilitate the circulation of energy and blood.

Marah permanent magnets are used by associating them with the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine for

    Needle points puncture – magnetopuncture
    LUO points, meridian meeting points
    Two wonderful meridians (conception and governor)
    Knap points
    Terminal points of the hands and feet
    Energy centers – chakras
    Magnetic circuit (Bansal method)
    Reflexology – ear – face – oral cavity – plantar