Magnetic jewelry

Marah company is engaged in production of therapeutic biomagnets since 1970.

In these 48 years of experience we have collected many exciting testimonies, we are confident of the beneficial effects of magnets, and that’s why we decided to expand our range of magnetic products with Energetix jewelry collection, because we know exactly how they act and what benefits they have on our body.

The syndrome of deficiency of the magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic field – the magnetic force that influences all life – has been significantly reduced over the last 500 years, and measures just 0.5 Gauss. In an article published in 1976, Dr. Nakagawa (Tokyo) described a disease which he called the Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome. The symptoms were a stiffness in the shoulders, back pain and headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, digestive and circulatory problems and general fatigue. dr. Nakagawa lees a survey of 11,648 users of magnet therapy (magnetic bandage, necklaces, belts). More than 90% judged that magnet therapy was effective, the approximately 10% found it ineffective. None evoked side effects.

Our way of life that makes us evolve into concrete and steel buildings, cars, etc.. also it reduces the influence of the magnetic field. The “electronic fog” of computer screens, television sets, mobile phones and other devices can also be a disturbing factor.