La natura insegna

Nature teaches us

“Natural Frequency Technology” follows the laws of nature and has a positive effect on life and general well-being.

The relevant frequency is the terrestrial frequency which is also known as Schumann resonance.

Every system, organ, tissue, cell or molecule of the human body vibrates in a range of frequencies, each has its own ideal frequency, called “Harmonic Resonance Frequency” (HRF), the “Harmonic Resonance Frequency” (FRA)

All Natural Law products contain a combination of natural frequencies that help our energy system to regain its natural harmonic resonance (FRA) lost due to high frequency pollution. It’s like tuning a musical instrument.

Its effectiveness is measurable with bioresonance equipment.

Bioresonance is an alternative medicine treatment based on the science of medical acupuncture.
It is understood that traditional medicine uses drugs for the production of biochemical reactions. In addition to chemical processes in the body there are also energy ones. The basic principles of bioresonance are the measurement of energy values ​​and the harmonization of the energetic processes of the harmonic frequencies of the body.

With the Natural Frequency Technology, we are able to protect human and animal health from the electrosmog, harmonizing the frequency of our body.

We call it “Harmonic Resonance Frequency”, ie Harmonic Resonance Frequency

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The cell is the smallest part of the living being, carrying out basic functions such as growth, movement, proliferation and inheritance in self-organized biological systems. This provides continuous communication in the nucleus and the other cells! Since the information is received in real time, in thousandths of a second, the speed can only be obtained by means of a frequency technique. This creates a “common language” within the rules of the biological system.

All information creates an action through a self-control mechanism, and this in turn leads to further reaction. In nature this principle of interaction leads to the typical “push and pull” – actions. These repetitive actions generate natural energy.

This is called the “Harmonic Resonance Frequency”.

More and more people are confronted with pathological symptoms resulting from exposure to electrosmog. Nature does not recognize these frequencies and consequently both humans and animals are subjected to pressure in the regulation of their biosystem, therefore the FRA must be adapted to the body’s own frequencies.

Unexplained symptoms are often attributed to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic pollution. With the Natural Frequency technology it is possible to protect humans and animals from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation by adjusting the frequency of one’s body with a Harmonic Resonance (FRA). The effectiveness can be measured with the Bioresonance method.