What Marah magnets are

Marah research team developed 3 kinds of magnets in 1970.


Cosam 8000 magnet is in neodymium covered with a green and red plastic shell. This magnet measures 2,500 Gauss on its surface. Very easy to use, you simply place it on the inflamed or painful area and let it work for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on case and point.
This operation should be repeated several times per day.

D-25 magnet is in ferrite, and is wrapped in a white and black shell. 1,600 Gauss measured on its surface, it is used for a milder treatment on larger areas. Also in this case you are advised to use the biomagnet several times per day.
D-05 magnet is in neodymium and has a light blue plastic covering. It is designed to magnetize water: it should be put in a bottle (preferably glass) filled with water and left to work for 4 – 6 hours. Drink 1/1,5 litre per day.
At a later stage a different magnet was studied, more appropriate for the delicate areas of the eyes, head, blood vessels and arteries, children and elderly people: Cosam 4000, neodymium magnet in a white and black plastic shell, measuring 1,500 Gauss on its surface.

Cosam Plus magnet is the newly born (2010), double in size in comparison to Cosam 8000/4000 and very powerful: 2,500 Gauss on its surface. In a red and blue plastic shell, should be used for severe pains and inflammations.

MARAH coaster is a small board in Forex lodging 4 neodymium magnets

Please read the page “Negative/Positive Water”.

Each pole of the magnet (positive and negative) has a different effect on the human body:

Negative side is soothing and has an antiinflammatory effect, while the positive side is tonifying and activating.

Biomagnets affect the vibrational state of electrons, normalizing it and thus reducing pain. They increase blood circulation, regenerate cells, activate metabolism and harmonize the energetic level of the organs. Using the magnets right polarity you can obtain a quick armonisation, na increase of energy and a reinforcement of our immune system.

How to use Marah magnets
The treatment of a painful area of our body with biomagnets is rather easy. Anyone can do it any moment, anywhere.

Marah magnet doesn’t blemish, doesn’t stain, doesn’t burn. You can apply it using a plaster and let it work for 10 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the kind of magnet you use and the area you are treating.

The action of the permanent magnet is mild, and a very large part of the people react incredibly well to its application.
No side effects are known.

Famous Paracelsus used to say: “A magnet should never lack, either in a doctor’s bag or in a home-pharmacy!”

A Marah magnet is permanent, it will last you all your life and you will be sure to have an effective remedy always at hand.

Biomagnets are not suitable for pace-maker holders, pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.