You can use magnets also to treat the reflex points of foot reflexology.
The green foam magnetic insoles are very comfortable.
Each sole contains 8 magnets in different powers placed on feet-reflexed organs.
The negative (-) polarity facing the sole of the foot has a sedative, soothing, anti-inflammatory, refreshing effect.
Positive (+) side, facing the sole of the foot, has a tonic, activating, heating effect.

In case of cramps (+ facing foot sole) or nocturnal pains (- facing foot sole) you can insert the soles in stockings.

Cut the insoles to desired size following the dotted lines.
Insert the insoles in shoes with the desired pole facing the sole of the foot.

The soles are washable and do not absorb any odors.

– Legs and feet circulatory disorders.
– Legs and feet nocturnal cramps or pains.
– Improvement in the energy state.
– Magnetic balance of the body through reflex points.

S-1 (-) = negative polarity facing the sole of the foot

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