Ear reflexology

The Set of Marah auricolo magnets was specifically designed to treat ailments through the Chinese points on the ears.

1) Point of nerves
Irritability, pain, allergies and depression
2) Point of belly 1
Menstrual and abdominal pains
3) Point of Belly 2
biliary tract
4) Point of addiction
Obesity, smoking, alcohol and drugs
5) Point of sleep
Sleeping difficulties
6) Point of head
Nervousness, tinnitus, ringing, ringing in the ears, dizziness, headache
7) Point of pain
Chronic diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism etc.

The positive pole is indicated with a dot engraved in the magnet, the negative pole is smooth.
Applies the negative (-) of the magnet on the front part of the ear, the other magnet “clips” automatically behind the ear.
For a better result the magnets are applied to the two ears, 2-3 times a day for about 30 minutes, depending on the case.
Having the magnets clipped on the ears (like earrings), after a certain application time you feel the need to remove them: when you cannot stand them anymore they have concluded their work and you can remove them. This procedure has to be repeated 2 or 3 times a day.
In cases of sleep disorders, if the problem is the difficulty in falling asleep, you can proceed as described above, clipping the magnets about 30 minutes before going to bed and removing them before falling asleep.
If you wake up several times during the night, it is best to apply only a magnet to each ear with a small plaster and leave it overnight. It may be useful to apply a magnet also on the point of the nerves.

Envelopes with 4 magnets:
Point no 1 = nervous disorders, allergies, irritability
Point no 2 = menstrual pains
Point no 5 = sleep disturbances
Point no 7 = arthritis, rheumatism
Point no 6 = tinnitus, buzzing and whistling, headaches and dizziness

Envelopes with 8 magnets:
Points no 2 and 3 = abdomen, stomach and bile duct disorders
Points no 4 and 1 = addictions: smoking, alcohol, obesity, drugs
Example of treatment for addictions

Magnets embellished with Swarovski stones are also available.

The golden magnets of this set can be used, due to their small size, to treat pain caused by arthritis in the fingers.
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Envelope with 4 golden magnets.
Envelope with 8 golden magnets.
Envelope with 4 golden magnets including 2 embellished with Swarovski stones.
Envelope with 8 golden magnets including 4 embellished with Swarovski stones.