By drinking magnetized water you can work on multiple health issues thanks to the properties that magnetism provides to water.

Magnetic fields can act deeply in the body through beverages. Magnetized water has many properties: diuretic, light, mineralized, it doesn’t provoke microcrystals, detrimental for the body, and it retains a notable detoxifying power.

Drinking at least 1 liter of magnetized water / day (1 to 2 glasses fasting)…

You activate your immune system,
You clean your digestive tract,
You eliminate toxins,
You strengthen your nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems.

Bottle coaster to prepare water for your daily well-being

Outer applications help in the topical treatment of wounds, eczemas, swellings, eye puffiness or irritation. You can use magnetized water to gargle (sore throat, gums or tooth aches) or to use it for compresses or drops. Moreover, it can be used to clean windows, floors, furnitures, etc., for it’s a very good degreaser.

You can also employ the D-05 magnet, inserting it in a bottle to prepare mixed magnetized water: very convenient when you are on the go, if you want to have your magnetized drink always with you (in the car, when you walk, in journeys, etc.).