Application areas

Here below a few fields of use of our equipment:

doctors Naturopaths

• synchronize internal communications and reconnect to their personal history;

• Excellent management of the illness;

• Acupuncture and Meridians with specific programs;

• A new dimension in the application of homeopathic remedies.

veterinary medicine

• Complementary to all applications for muscle fatigue, wounds and injuries;

• Results to laminitis;

• It helps the animals to balance your environment and traumatic stress;

• Detoxification from all types of fungal infection and other toxicity;

• Normalize fertility


• Increased memory;

• Reduction of incontinence;

• Ease in getting to sleep;

• Best energy for every day work;

• Relief for the pain;

• Get a good independence;

• Improves intimacy with the partener especially with the program “Libido I and II”;

• Torque cycles application can help the relationship.


• Physiotherapy in general;

• Regeneration of the scars, re-establish itself after an injury;

• regeneration of peripheral nerves;

and also … .. ophthalmologists, chiropractic massages by professionals and dentists