Magnetized Shoe Insole, Negative

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The magnet insoles are made of green foam plastic and very comfortable. Every insole contains 8 magnets aligned with the different reflex zones of the body.

 The (-) polarity has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, refreshing effect. The (+) on the other hand has a warming, activating and energizing effectfor your wellbeing. The insoles can also be placed inside a sock with the (+) poles facing up to treat nightly muscular cramps in the legs.

Use of the Insoles. Cut the insoles along the marked line according to your shoe size. Place the insoles with the (+) or (-) pole facing upwards inside your shoes for the desired effect. The insoles are washable and odor-inhibiting

Instructions Use the insoles to cure nightly cramps in the calves (-).

Energize yourself and balance your organism with the reflex zone therapy (+).”

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