Marah magnetic plates

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The Marah plates consist of a ferrite magnet with a magnetic field strength of 1000 Gauss.

Marah plates are formed by a large ferrite magnet covered with wood and treated with beeswax. They are made entirely by hand. His size: cm 16 x cm 11 x cm 3.

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The goal of the treatment is prevention and helps to stabilize your health, energy and vitality.

Generate an oscillating circuit between hands and feet or in between hands by using both magnetic poles. This allows us to build up an energy reserve and to reestablish the polar balance of our body.

The single pole magnetic therapy allows us to treat a problem area by placing the – pole on the painful area. The bipolar therapy, however, allows us to:

– activate the magnetic flow of the body,

– strengthen osteogenesis, – balance the acid-alkaline-equilibrium,

– reestablishes the energetic balance of the metabolism in the body

Magnetic circuit

Their purpose is to re-establish a fair balance in our body magnetic circuit and they are ideal to treat a wide area, for diseases that attack our metabolism.
The magnetic plates are used for prevention; they help to preserve good health and good energy and are an aid to rejuvenate the body.
A circuit must be estabilished between hands and feet, or diagonally between one hand and the opposite foot, using the two poles of the magnet. In this way we create a reserve of energy and we again provide balance to the polarity of our body.

With the unipole magnetic therapy 

We treat a problem using the negative pole of the magnet on the affected area.

With bipolar treatment instead

– It is possbile to complete the magnetic circuit inside the body

– Energy and metabolic circuit is restored

– You get a favorable effect on the acid / base balance

– It enables the welding of bones.

It is also called Bansal method because it was used and experienced by Dr. Bansal from New Delhi.

Local treatment

Pain in lower and upper limbs and various diseases can be treated by placing a magnet on the painful area and another under the sole of the foot.

General treatment

It is used when a local intervention is not possible. Apply magnets under the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, depending on the condition being treated. If the dysfunction is localized in the lower half of the body you should place the magnets under the soles of the feet. If the dysfunction is localized in the upper half of the body, they should be placed under your palms.
Dr. Bansal recommends 5 methods for general treatment.

Method 1 Right hand negative pole –
Left hand positive pole +
Method 2 Right hand negative pole –
Left foot positive pole +
Method 3 Left hand negative pole –
Left foot positive pole +
Method 4 Right hand negative pole –
Right foot positive pole +
Method 5 Right foot negative pole –
Left foot positive pole +

Example of treatments

Anemia Method 1
Asthma Method 1
Constipation Method 2
Flatulence Method 1
Hysteria Method 2
Low back pain Method 5
Paralysis Method 1 and 5
Rheumatism Method 1 and 5
Stomach diseases Method 1
Tonsil Method 1

Keep the plates away from computers and televisions.
Be careful in handling them, NEVER BRING THEM CLOSE TO ONE ANOTHER.
Keep them away from children!
Do not use them on people or close to people with pacemakers!
Keep them away from pregnant women.
Do not overuse them, make treatments of no more than 20 minutes – half an hour, unless you are otherwise prescribed by a competent person.
Do not use the positive pole (+ ) on infections or inflammations.

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