Silver Ring for Meridian Massages

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For hand and foot meridian massages.

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Massage for the Fingers A daily massage with the finger ring stabilizes the health, strengthens the immune system, improves the blood circulation, relaxes the fingers and keeps them healthy, stimulates the meridians, activates body functions and rebalances yin and yang. Gently massage your fingers and toes once or twice a day for five to ten minutes.

The massage rings are used to treat the following ailments:

– Swelling, acampsia or deformation of the fingers

– Insomnia

– Nervousness

– Fatigue and lack of concentration

The Hand Meridians Pinky finger

Small intestine: Regulates digestion and appetite 

Heart: Regulates nervous fatigue and arrhythmia

Ring finger

Triple warmer: Improves the locomotive and endocrine apparatus

Middle finger

Master of the heart: Normalizes blood pressure, improves memory and sexuality

Index finger

Large intestine: Regulates the digestive process


Lung: Lung and respiratory diseases, asthma, cough, etc.

The Foot Meridians Pinky toe

Bladder: Regulates liver and biliary tracts

Ring toe

Gall bladder: Improves the liver function

Long toe

Stomach: Regulates digestion and the autonomic nervous system

Big toe

Liver: Regulates liver diseases, muscular and eye strain.

Pancreas and spleen: Regulates blood sugar, vital energy and nausea “

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