Who we are

Dr. W.O. Stark founded MARAH SA in 1970. The company specializes in the manufacturing of biophysics machines, air ionizers, laser acupuncture, and machinery for magnetic therapy.

In 1973 Dr. W.O. Stark developed three models of magnet with specific magnetic fields suitable for various types of application and treatment.

After the death of Dr. W.O. Stark in 1981, his son Cedric Stark took over management of the company.

In 2000 Rita Stark, Cedric`s wife, took over management of the Magnetics department.

For over 40 years MARAH has sold bio magnets throughout Europe. The therapeutic properties of magnets were well known to the Egyptians, the Indians and the Chinese over 4000 years ago; in fact, the first recovered texts containing references of the therapeutic powers of magnets dates back to that time.

Today, biomagnetism is used in hospitals around the world by naturopaths, doctors and veterinarians to ease and treat pain, infections and inflammation.